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Im at the end of Finsbury park station with one shed and a safe. Weird. Ok filming for V.I.P started 3 weeks ago. We’re half way through but I can’t show any images as yet. But 3 more weeks we’ll have finished and I’ll start showing you stuff. V.I.P C4 April I think.

The Morgana Show airs

Well there it is after 12 weeks of development and writing, and another 4 of script reading and rehearsals along with a 9 week shot its finally be on the telly. I rushed back from the Roberts Webb voice over record I’m doing.

Got home just in time to watch the show. Had to get a little tipsy as fast as possible, as I find watching myself hard to do (A similar experience for others).Its weird to think that was the summer, and along with the pilot its been all of 2010. As me and my girlfriend sat down to watched, I started to tell the future Mrs Mynott about where that scene was filmed, or the problems we had doing this and that because of certain circumstances blah blah. To which she just told me to “shut up” and let her watch it in peace. She wont be listening to the director’s commentary on the DVD then. Anyway I’ll keep the website more updated now I don’t have a mountain of scripts to learn and I’ll upload some pic’s from behind the scenes of the morgana show.

Finished filming

After 8 weeks of shooting and working on the show since the early summer I’ve final finished.
Now I’ve had to keep things under my hat so I don’t piss off the production company or Ch4, so photos or any spoilers has not been aloud. But these pic’s have already been out on another web site.
The show will be on the 30th on November 10pm Ch4.
More info below.


First bit of press for the Morgana Robinson Show Ch4

‘Unknown’ lands her own C4 comedy series
Big break for Morgana Robinson

Channel 4 has given a primetime five-part sketch series to an unknown comic after being set a taster tape.
Until now, Morgana Robinson’s TV career has peaked with C4’s short-lived TNT Show, where she played schoolboy interviewer Gilbert. Her other credits included bit-parts in My Family and The Green Green Grass, and lots of voiceover work.
Channel 4’s head of comedy Shane Allen bypassed the usual Comedy Lab and Comedy Playhouse pilots to greenlight the series, after Robinson’s agent John Noel – who also represents Russell Brand – submitted the tape.
Allen said: ‘Discovering, supporting and nurturing new talent is at the heart of Channel 4 comedy’s remit, and in Morgana we really feel we’ve found a fresh performer with a huge amount of potential.
‘Warm, daft and infectious, Morgana’s range of charismatic characters somehow lodge in your head, and her style of performance is reminiscent of Kenny Everett in his prime, but without the beard.’
Robinson will be joined by comic Tom Davis and impressionist Terry Mynott – both also clients of Noel’s – for the series,which will air in November
Characters will include Madolynn, a past-her-prime Hollywood siren; the return of Gilbert; Verity the over-privileged, uber-cool teen who speaks in riddles; a rival pair of TV news reporters; and a redneck family of inbreds.
These characters will feature alongside Morgana’s ‘skewed impressions’, including: Fearne Cotton the daredevil, Cheryl Cole the kid sister, and Boris Johnson as a bumbling 12-year-old public schoolboy.
Here is a YouTube sketch in which Mynott and Robinson parody the X Factor judges:


Read more: http://www.chortle.co.uk/news/2010/08/26/11612/unknown_lands_her_own_c4_comedy_serieshttp://www.google.co.uk/#ixzz0xk9wIcNk